Example of the annual percentage rate

The financial service provider is the Estonian branch of SIA Citadele Leasing (entered in the list of creditors under number 4.1-1 / 81), address Narva mnt 63/1, Tallinn 10120.


The annual percentage rate is 6.54% on the following example conditions: purchase amount 21 149.00 EUR (with VAT); down payment 15%; residual value 30%; the sum of the credit 17 976.65 EUR (with VAT); contract period 60 month; number of repayments 61; contract fee 190 EUR; floating interest rate 3.50% per annum + 3 months' Euribor (31.03.2023 3-month Euribor rate was 3.038%; the rate set out in your agreement may change every 3 months; negative Euribor equals to zero); the total sum of the credit 18 484.03 EUR; the sum of repayments 18 294.03 EUR. A motor third party liability insurance contract and CASCO insurance contract need to be concluded.


Please examine carefully the terms and conditions of the service on our webpage before entering into any agreement and if necessary, to consult a specialist.