Voluntary motor insurance


Requirements for a CASCO insurance contract:

  • the insurance cover is valid as of the moment of transfer of the risk of the accidental destruction and damage of the object of lease to the lessee
  • the insurable value is at least the market price of the object of lease
  • the lessor is the beneficiary and recipient of the indemnity
  • the property must be insured as part of the standard equipment put together by the manufacturer, additional equipment as well as accessories, and special equipment specified by the insurer is indicated separately
  • the insurable risks are: traffic accident, fire, natural disaster, water damage, theft, robbery and vandalism
  • excess rate for cars is up to 320 €, for other land vehicles up to 700 €; in case of theft and robbery up to 15%
  • the insurance cover territory is at least Europe (except for CIS states)
  • in the case of new vehicles the new value cover is mandatory
  • the insurance contract of business customer must be concluded so that the insurance premium must be paid in a single annual payment, unless the insurance contract is concluded by the lessor’s partner Smart Kindlustusmaakler


Our partner in insurance is Smart Kindlustusmaakler AS.
Ask for insurance offer HERE, for additional information please contact with Smart Kindlustustusmaakler customer support 618 1610.

The list of insurance companies operating in Estonia is available at