In compliance with the Law on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing of the Republic of Latvia (The AML/CTF Law) and UniCredit Group requirements, SIA UniCredit Leasing elaborated and implemented the “Anti-Money Laundering and Prevention of Terrorism Financing Policy of SIA UniCredit Leasing”.

SIA UniCredit Leasing (“UCL”), being a part of UniCredit Group follows the Global Compliance Policy and AML Guidelines based on the best international standards and the principle of full compliance with the legislative requirements in all countries of the Group presence. The UCL appointed an AML officer who is responsible for practical implementation and realization of the Rules.

  • 1 . AML

    Customer information

    The laws and regulations impose an obligation on UCL to request to customers and customers to submit to UCL the information and documents necessary for carrying out customer due diligence measures, including information about the true beneficiaries, about transactions carried out by customers, the business and individual activities of the customers and the true beneficiaries, as well as about their financial position and the origin of cash or other assets. In some cases, UCL may also request other additional information.

    Lease application form is an integral part of the information provided by the customer to the UCL. It is therefore necessary to update the data in the application form whenever any major changes occur, such as the change in the country of residence or in the status of a politically exposed person. Taking into account the requirements of the laws and regulations to identify the customers and obtain the information and documents necessary for the customer’s due diligence, UCL will regularly remind its customers about the need to update the customer information, i.e., the relevant notification will be sent to customer’s e-mail address.

    Customer information can be filled in a Lease application form in section “Information about the Lessee” or in a free application form. If you don’t want to submit the application in person, you can sign it digitally and send to

    • Lease application for private persons Download
    • Lease application for companies  Download

    If a customer does not wish or refuses to provide the requested information and documents to enable carrying out the customer’s due diligence, UCL shall have the right to terminate the business relationship with the customer as well as require early performance of the customer’s obligations. Therefore, to continue the business relationship successfully, it is important provide the required information and documents in a timely manner.

    Beneficial owner information

    In accordance to the AML/CTF Law, item 18, article 3, we kindly ask to provide information about ultimate beneficial owners. Information can be filled in a Beneficial owners disclosure form. If you don’t want to submit the application in person, you can sign it digitally and send to

    Beneficial owner is a person, who owns directly (or indirectly, through 3rd persons) at least twenty-five percent of the shares or voting rights in a legal entity, or has an opportunity to control the business, for example, in agreement with other shareholders on the exercise of voting rights, exercises control as a founder, member, trustee or manager of a legal arrangement or in whose interests business relationship is being established or an occasional transaction is being executed. In case ownership or control is exercised through a chain of ownership or by means of control other than direct control, please provide a detailed description of the ownership structure that includes the ownership percentage breakdown of each entity in the chain of ownership, up to and including the individual(s) who control the ultimate ownership entity in the chain of ownership. In case there is no person identified as the beneficial owner, it should be indicated in the Beneficial owners disclosure form, taking responsibility for the veracity of the provided information. In case of rejection of providing information about beneficial owners official note, properly signed and sealed, must be sent to the UCL with description of the reason of reject.

    Financial sanctions

    SIA UniCredit Leasing as a part of UniCredit Group complies with International Financial Sanctions issued by EU, USA (OFAC) and UN as well as local laws and restrictions.

    The UCL reserves the right not to establish relationships with or process transactions connected to individuals or legal entities named on the EU and/or UN and/or OFAC Sanctions List, nor with legal entities owned or controlled by such persons.

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  • 2 . UniCredit Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Global Policy