Friendly leasing

  • Individual approach

    We understand each customer's individual situation and needs

  • Customized solutions

    Financing opportunities for unregistered equipment (e.g. plows, seeders, etc.)

  • Easy communication

    We will negotiate with the seller and prepare the necessary documents

  • Insurance offer

    We cooperate with the largest insurance companies to find the best offer


  • We finance both new and pre-owned agricultural machinery (even up to 15 years old)

  • Lease period - up to 7 years

  • We finance up to 90% of the price of the machinery

  • Insurance

  • Flexible payment schedule - the principal amount can even be paid once a year

  • Loans for new equipment in accordance with EU funding requirements

Easy steps towards new investment

  • Submit documents

    Submit documents

  • Receive an offer

    Receive an offer

  • Sign the contract

    Sign the contract

Steps to get leasing


  • We handle the safety of leased machinery

  • We advise and support in case of an insured event

  • We offer special insurance for agricultural companies

  • You may pay for your insurance along with your leasing payments